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William Hogarth

Call to liberty: The March of the Guards to Finchley.

By Jacqueline Riding

The painter’s reaction to the Jacobite Rebellion is more than mere satire.

By Richard Cavendish

The artist died on October 26th, 1764.

An Election Entertainment, The Humours of an Election series, 1755

By Peter Quennell

Peter Quennell says Hogarth’s great survey of the Humours of an Election is one of the masterpieces of English 18th century painting

William Hogarth, Painter and his Pug, 1745

By Michael Dean

William Hogarth’s life was a microcosm of the three main themes of Georgian life, argues Michael Dean.

The paintings of Four Times of the Day (clockwise from top left: Morning, Noon, Night, and Evening)

By Christine Riding

Christine Riding looks at William Hogarth’s particular view of the street life of 18th-century London, and at what his interpretation presents in comparison with the artistic offerings of his Continental competitors.

William Hogarth, Painter and his Pug, 1745

By Ian Fitzgerald

The artist was born in London on November 10th, 1697.

Hogarth's 'Marriage à-la-mode', number 4: The Toilette.

By David Dabydeen

William Hogarth's representations of black people in the 18th century.