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In the interwar period, France and Germany worked towards an integrated Europe.  

We ask leading historians 20 questions on why their research matters, one book everyone should read and their views on the Tudors ...

Attempting to recover the human experience of Communism in the post-Soviet era, a Belarusian investigative journalist found pessimistic nostalgia in place of hope for the future. 

The country may resemble a paradise, but it has been a troubled one. 

The challenges that Edward Gibbon faced remain much the same for historians today.

Kate Wiles on an illustrated map of the US responding to the Prohibition with puns.

Unlike his grandfather Chinggis Khan, the Mongol ruler Hulegu Khan is little known in the West. But his destruction of two Islamic empires, as well as a failed attempt to forge an alliance with Christendom, gave him a notoriety that persists to this day. 

Underneath the sweeping history of the Russian Revolution is another story, one told through the lesser-known people, moments and objects of a world in transformation.

The civil war that resulted from the division of Nigeria was a major human disaster that should not be forgotten. 

During a period of European peace, Spain sought to establish control of the Mediterranean. Yet a disastrous attempt to oust the Ottomans from North Africa threatened to accelerate the westward advance of Islam.