East India Company


The Alaska Purchase was signed on March 30th, 1867.

In the absence of a European democratic model, the Founding Fathers turned to the apparently perfect state of the Iroquois Five Nations as a template for a federal United States, combining the best of both worlds, writes C.K. Ballatore.

The dead, white, male canon has not merely stifled African-American history so much as smothered it. One author has spent her career grappling with the problem of America’s whitewashed past, writes Alexander Lee.

When Joe Biden said ‘God save the Queen’, was he heralding the end of the republic?

The frontiersman and showman died on January 10, 1917.

Kate Wiles on a 'map to the stars', designed to promote a Los Angeles neighbourhood to Hollywood's new celebrities.

The choice of the dollar as the international reserve currency was controversial but practical.

The contrast between Abraham Lincoln and presidential candidate Donald Trump could hardly be more striking. Yet both men can be placed within the continually evolving politics of the Grand Old Party, argues Tim Stanley.

Senator Barry Goldwater brought a new brand of Republicanism to American politics, writes Roger Hudson.