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Second World War

Fighting Fit charts the development of the British government’s public health measures during the Second World War. Its well-researched...

The sinking by Japanese aircraft of HMS Prince of Wales and HMS Repulse in December 1941 and the subsequent loss of Singapore was a grievous blow to British morale. But have historians misunderstood what really happened? 

Daniel Todman is a first-rate military historian, but in Britain’s War he has written an economic and social history, as well as a...

Heligoland, a small island in the North Sea, became the site of explosive Anglo-German encounters.

The Italian Social Republic, or Salò, was Mussolini’s German-backed experiment in ‘real Fascism’ and fine living. As Richard Bosworth explains, Italians find it hard to come to terms with its legacy.

Soon after arriving behind enemy lines, in France in 1943, special agent Harry Ree heard the engines of 165 RAF Halifax bombers overhead. Their...

An island nation with few resources, Japan was in a precarious enough position when it declared war on the United States in December 1941. That its powerful navy failed to learn the lessons of previous conflicts made matters even worse, as Malcolm Murfett explains.

In using Churchill to justify his Brexit campaign, Boris Johnson 'paints a barbarically simplified and ill-informed picture of what Churchill stood for'.