Viking sagas tell of conflict and heroic voyages but are prone to fantasy and exaggeration. How accurate are their scant accounts of the treatment of those injured in battle? Brian Burfield examines the elusive practice of Viking medicine.

We might applaud the tall, blond and ruggedly handsome Vikings of pop culture as being historically accurate, but authentic engagement with the past requires more than just convincing hair and make-up, says Oren Falk.

The Vikings are back with a vengeance, writes Jeffrey Richards

Patricia Cleveland-Peck visits Gotland, the Baltic island where the Viking and medieval pasts are to be found round every corner.

Richard Hodges shows how new evidence is leading to a fresh understanding of the role of the Vikings in European history.

Alfred the Great was not the only one to be beset by Norseman – Simon Coupland and Janet Nelson re-interpret their impact on the mainland of 9th-century Europe.

Warriors but adaptors - the Vikings built on existing urban settlement to produce towns like York and Lincoln, prosperous and busy with domestic manufacture and international trade.

So much rubbish has been written about Norse contacts with America in the Middle Ages that there is always an excuse for someone to publish...

Rarely does an archaeological excavation capture the public imagination as did Coppergate, with over 500,000 visitors. But what, in the end, was...

The exhibition at York this summer, the Vikings in England was previewed in Addendum in the May issue of History Today. This month, James Graham-Campbell, one of the exhibition organisers, surveys the history of the Viking invasions and settlement, for which the York exhibition displays the evidence.