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As the sounds of the world rattled into the future, so, too, did art and music.

The inventor of the saxotromba, saxhorn, saxtuba and saxophone was born on 6 November 1814.

The nature of warfare is constantly changing. So are the challenges that composers face in depicting the sound and struggle of battle.

Understanding the period and context in which a piece of music was created can offer great rewards for the listener.

Despite popular misconceptions and its aristocratic origins, for part of its history opera was inextricably linked with popular culture – no more so than in the 1920s. 

How and why did concert-going change from a raucous, noisy affair to one of hushed appreciation?

In Renaissance Florence, church and civic bells frequently rang out across the city’s crowded soundscape. Their calls were far from impartial.

The songwriter was born on June 9th, 1891.

The 'father of the symphony' came to London on January 1st, 1791.

Wagner's opera was first performed in Munich on June 10th, 1865.