Peter Quennell

Established, by Louis IX at the burying-place of the French monarchy, in 1793 Saint-Denis was solemnly desecrated by order of the revolutionary Convention, determined to remove all “horrid memories” of the former royal line. By Peter Quennell.

No monument of Christian architecture is more celebrated than the Cathedral of Chartres. Peter Quennell here traces both the origins of the great church and the effect it has exercised on succeeding generations.

Peter Quennell says Hogarth’s great survey of the Humours of an Election is one of the masterpieces of English 18th century painting

John Murdoch, Jim Murrell, Patrick J. Noon and Roy Strong –

A Treatise Concerning the Arte of Limning, by Nicholas Hilliard. Edited by R.K.R. Thornton and T.G.S. Cain


Generalisations are almost always misleading, whether applied to a human character or to a period of history; but, when our subject is the