In Pictures: The Longman - History Today Awards Party 2013

All the news from our annual awards party.

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Last night at the Royal Society in London, we announced the winners of our annual awards:

The Longman - History Today Book Prize:

The winner was Bill Schwarz, for Memories of Empire. Vol. I The White Man’s World (Oxford University Press).

Highly Commended: Glyn Parry, The Arch Conjuror of England: John Dee (Yale University Press) and Andrew Preston, Sword of the Spirit, Shield of Faith: Religion in American War and Diplomacy (Knopf).

The Longman - History Today Picture Research Prize:

The winner was Pauline Hubner for The Great Builders, edited by Kenneth Powell (Thames & Hudson)

Highly Commended: Louise Thomas for Gay Life Stories by Robert Aldrich (Thames & Hudson) and Roger Moorhouse for Vanished Kingdoms by Norman Davies (Allen Lane).

The Undergraduate Dissertation Prize, in association with the Royal Historical Society:

The winner was Frederick Smith, for Discerning Cheese from Chalke: Louvainist Propaganda and Recusant Identity in 1560s England

The Longman - History Today Trustees' Award:

Pevsner Architectural Guides, published by Yale University Press, accepted by the publisher, Sally Salvesen.

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