History Matters

By Robert Johnson

European powers sought to colonise the world. They could not do so without the support of indigenous peoples.

A selection of images shortlisted for 2017.

By History Today

Everything you need to know about entering this year's prize.

'Overtaken in a Hurricane in Jamaica, 1812', by Catherine Street (Brown University Library/World Digital Library).

By Oscar Webber

In the wake of Hurricane Irma we are reminded that the effects of natural disasters are never entirely natural.

By Morgane Guinard

A French priest’s shocking attack on religion called for the fall of altars and the heads of kings. 

By Christine Voth

The medical advice in Bald’s Leechbook outlasted the language in which it was written.

By Rhys Griffiths

From Arabia Deserta to Black Gold. 

Young Turk: Enver Pasha, c.1911. © Ullstein Bild /Getty Images.

By Benjamin C. Fortna

The dramatic life of the outlaw and special agent Eşref Bey epitomises the end of the Ottoman Empire.

By Caitlin Ellis

The Anglo-Norman invasion of Ireland in 1167 sowed the seeds for centuries of tension between England and the Irish.

Citizen Clem: Attlee during his time as prime minister, 1945-51. © Hulton/Getty Images.

By Daniel W.B. Lomas

Fiercely anti-Communist, Clement Attlee found Britain’s intelligence agencies to be invaluable tools.

Finland (an elk) being attacked by Russia (a pack of wolves), Wilhelm Schulz, Simplicissimus magazine, 1911. © Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris/Bridgeman Images.

By Rhys Griffiths

Finland celebrates its centenary in December 2017, but the concept of Suur Suomi – ‘Greater Finland’ – has existed since at least the 18th century.