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In this issue:

  • The people who discovered Columbus
  • Hitler's Island
  • Buying British
  • Blow the Bloody Place Up!
  • Yugoslavia's Very Secret Service
  • National Gallery: Bolivia
  • On the Spot with David Olusoga
  • The Music of Time: Angelic Choirs and Devilish Voices
  • Plus: Florence's Mud Angels, Censoring Indian History,


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Selected articles from this issue

By Rachel Serkin

Faced with an extortionate rise in the price of kosher meat, Jewish women in New York’s Lower East Side employed protest tactics borrowed from the radical political movements that prospered in their neighbourhood. 

By Claudia Rogers

Columbus kept a daily journal recording his encounters with the indigenous peoples of the New World. But what did they think of him? 

By History Today

We ask leading historians 20 questions on why their research matters, one book everyone should read and their views on the Tudors ...

By Suzannah Lipscomb

Both history and historical fiction depend on a combination of imagination and rigorous research. The difference is found in the balance of these ingredients. 

By Alexander Lee

It is not just the Christian musical tradition that has struggled to differentiate between the sacred and the profane.